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249009Re: Mail Undeliverable error with Postfix

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  • Benny Pedersen
    Feb 1, 2009
      On Sun, February 1, 2009 16:17, mouss wrote:

      > I guess the alias is defined in alias_maps, but this map is only
      > consulted by "local", which you don't use (you deliver via dovecot,
      > not via local).
      > use virtual_alias_maps instead.

      postfixadmin handle this when configured to do so :)

      for the OP to solve it, dovecot lda must only see the mailbox from
      mysql not any alias, and postfixadmin must have all destinations to
      mailbox not local: aliases

      http://localhost/ 100% uptime and 100% mirrored :)
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