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248987Re: Mail Undeliverable error with Postfix

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  • mouss
    Feb 1, 2009
      jan gestre a écrit :
      > Hi guys,
      > I have several mail servers running postfix 2.4/2.5 with postfixadmin
      > and mysql as backend and dovecot for imap/pop3. I can access the inbox
      > from outside the office using Outlook/Thunderbird but whenever I tried
      > to send an outside email even to an internal user I always get a "Mail
      > Undeliverable Error", but when webmail is used by the user there is no
      > problem (to rule out dns misconfiguration). I'm already stumped for two
      > days now and I can't figure it out.
      > Need help.
      > Here's the output of my postconf -n :

      show relevant logs. we need to make sure that the transaction is
      rejected by postfix and why. This information is in your logs.

      > [snip]
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