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247617Re: Finding the envelope-sender after always_bcc? (SOLVED)

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  • Jeff Weinberger
    Jan 2, 2009
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      On Jan 2, 2009, at 9:20 AM, mouss wrote:

      > Jeff Weinberger a écrit :
      >> It's definitely my set up. I don't use LMTP to pass the message to
      >> dspam, I use a transport called "dspam" that uses pipe. That means
      >> there's no S/LMTP dialog, just the message itself passed as STDIN.
      > so _you_ are not passing the envelope sender to dspam.
      > Consider running dspam in "relay mode":
      > postfix --(LMTP)--> dspam --(SMTP)--> postfix
      >> I have to move dspam to use LMTP and then move it to a before-queue
      > why do you want to run it in pre-queue mode? This is not needed and is
      > not simple to setup.

      If I understand your diagram, then the content_filter would look like:

      content_filter=lmtp:unix:/path/to/dspam args

      and that might pass through the envelope information (I'm not
      convinced, but if dspam can do it, that would be how).

      But since dspam can speak LMTP and SMTP why would an smtpd proxy be
      hard to set up? It would certainly avoid the bcc issues, etc. that I"
      experiences by having the message run through postfix twice. After
      reading through SMTPD_PROXY_README, it seems like a bit of a challenge
      to make it work, but not that hard...what do you think might be

      Thanks for all your help - over the course of thi dialog I've learned
      a lot about postfix and have become more aware of and proficient with
      parts I knew little about. This has been very helpful.

      >> content filter so that this workaround becomes unnecessary, but
      >> until I
      >> go to make those changes, this will suffice.
      >> I'm not completely convinced that dspam will work seamlessly as a
      >> before-queue content filter, so I'll have to do some testing to see
      >> how
      >> well that works and whether it can do what I need and hand fully
      >> formed
      >> messages with SMTP dialog information back to postfix.
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