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247599Re: Finding the envelope-sender after always_bcc? (SOLVED)

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  • mouss
    Jan 2, 2009
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      Jeff Weinberger a écrit :
      > It's definitely my set up. I don't use LMTP to pass the message to
      > dspam, I use a transport called "dspam" that uses pipe. That means
      > there's no S/LMTP dialog, just the message itself passed as STDIN.

      so _you_ are not passing the envelope sender to dspam.

      Consider running dspam in "relay mode":
      postfix --(LMTP)--> dspam --(SMTP)--> postfix

      > I have to move dspam to use LMTP and then move it to a before-queue

      why do you want to run it in pre-queue mode? This is not needed and is
      not simple to setup.

      > content filter so that this workaround becomes unnecessary, but until I
      > go to make those changes, this will suffice.
      > I'm not completely convinced that dspam will work seamlessly as a
      > before-queue content filter, so I'll have to do some testing to see how
      > well that works and whether it can do what I need and hand fully formed
      > messages with SMTP dialog information back to postfix.
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