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247585Re: Finding the envelope-sender after always_bcc? (SOLVED)

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  • Steve
    Jan 2, 2009
      -------- Original-Nachricht --------
      > Datum: Fri, 02 Jan 2009 11:30:18 +0100
      > Von: mouss <mouss@...>
      > An: Jeff Weinberger <jeff@...>
      > CC: postfix-users@...
      > Betreff: Re: Finding the envelope-sender after always_bcc? (SOLVED)

      > Jeff Weinberger a écrit :
      > >
      Hallo Jeff, Salut Mouss

      > > I used a pcre: table for smtpd_sender_restrictions and the PREPEND
      > > action as follows:
      > >
      > > main.cf:
      > > smtpd_sender_restrictions = check_sender_access
      > > pcre:/etc/postfix/smtpd_sender_restrictions.pcre
      > >
      > > smtpd_sender_restrictions.pcre
      > > /^(.*)/ PREPEND X-Envelope-Sender: ${1}
      > >
      > > this will insert into every message a header "X-Envelope-Sender: "
      > > followed by the envelope sender value. It won't pass the
      > > envelope-sender as SMTP MAIL FROM (dspam wasn't designed to do that,
      > dspam gets it via LMTP MAIL FROM, and it will pass it back to postfix
      > with SMT MAIL FROM. I have used this in the past and I'm sure others are
      > using it now (ping steve?).
      I hear you :) Have not followed the discussion. So I don't know exactly what the problem is. I will need to read the thread. However... I have the same setup as you mouss. I get the mail from Postfix into DSPAM with LMTP and then inject the message back to Postfix with SMTP. Has worked that way for the last years. Never had I any issue with that. In the beginning I was using pipe and then later SMTP for transporting mail to DSPAM but after having issues with pipe/smtp I switched to LMTP and have not had any issues since then.

      @Jeff: If you want, you could quickly address me directly with your DSPAM issue and save me some time to read the whole thread.

      > something in your setup prevents this from
      > working but I don' think it is a dspam limitation.
      > > and
      > > until I take the step to a better before-queue filter or something that
      > > does, this will work, since all I needed was to capture the
      > > envelope-sender).
      > >
      > > Limited testing shows this to work. There might be cases beyond what I
      > > tested that will behave differently than I expect or very oddly.
      > >
      > > Thanks again!

      // Steve
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