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246588Re: What is table='t'

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  • Barney Desmond
    Dec 2, 2008
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      Stephen Liu wrote:
      > I have a /etc/postfix/mysql_*.cf file with following content;

      You haven't told us what this file is called. We dunno what it does, we
      have no way to tell.

      > user=mail
      > password=mypasswd
      > dbname=maildb
      > table='t'
      > select_field=domains
      > where_field=domains
      > hosts=
      > additional_conditions = and enabled = 1

      At a guess, it's going to perform the query:
      SELECT `domains` FROM `t` WHERE `domains`=%s AND `enabled`=1;

      It could be virtual alias domains, it could be anything.

      > Please help me to understand table='t'. What is 't'?

      As the file says, 't' is the name of the table it's going to SELECT from.
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