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246551Re: Qstat and Postqueue

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  • Noel Jones
    Dec 1, 2008
      Sriram Nyshadham wrote:

      [please don't top-post]

      > No Sahil,
      > Qstat is also used for Postfix.

      What is Qstat and where did it come from? All the references
      I find on google indicate it's part of qmail. It's certainly
      not part of postfix. I would always trust an official postfix
      utility before a non-postfix utility, and far before some
      seldom-used tool.

      > I just found that postqueue also displays the repeated attempts to connect to any mail server(s) which are not accepting mails. That's why the count becomes bigger.

      No, but your "wc -l" command will count blank lines and
      multiple recipients. This will give an inflated view of the
      queue, especially if you have some messages with a large
      number of recipients.

      > I believe qstat gives the right value.

      It's possible for both numbers to be right, for some value of
      right. Postqueue is known to be correct and to work as
      documented, the jury is still out on Qstat.

      Noel Jones
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