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246545Re: permit_sasl_authenticated ONLY from one interface

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  • Simone Felici
    Nov 30, 2008
      Simone Felici ha scritto:
      > Hi to all!
      > I've tested successfully a simple smtp server with SMTP authenticated.
      > Now I would like do the following:
      > My server has two interfaces with IP1 and IP2.
      > I would like to setup postfix to permit AUTH-SMTP only for sessions
      > incoming on IP1 and normal SMTP sessions on IP2.
      > I've only find how to apply restrictions on sender (ip/domain) but have
      > no idea how to manage different policies depend
      > on which smtp-IP is using the client.
      > Can someone help me a little or post me a really simple example?
      > Thank's
      > Simon

      Thank's everyone: Wietse and postfix@... for answers.
      I'll take a look and test the "submission" service. :)

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