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245502Re: my question for nested_header_checks

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  • isobetti@u01.gate01.com
    Oct 31 6:39 PM
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      Hi, Noel and Victor

      Thank you very much for your precious informations.
      I got it.

      Maybe I just have to use body_checks against broken format..


      --- postfix-users@... ---

      >On Fri, Oct 31, 2008 at 10:12:08AM -0500, Noel Jones wrote:
      >> Anything else is just body text, even if it looks like a header.
      >> Standard bounces come with the original headers as an attached
      >> message; they can be examined by nested_header_checks. Some
      >> bounces arrive with the original headers included in body
      >> text; they must be examined by body_checks.
      >> While including your anti-backscatter rules in body_checks
      >> does increase the risk of false positives, IMO the increased
      >> risk is very slight, and outweighed by the benefit of
      >> detecting non-standard bounces.
      >The limitation is that "body_checks" works one line at a time and cannot
      >process folded headers in the message body. At this time there is no
      >support in the Postfix MIME parser for treating "text/rfc822-headers"
      >MIME parts as (nested) headers.
      > Viktor.
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