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245449my question for nested_header_checks

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  • isobetti@u01.gate01.com
    Oct 30, 2008
      Hi folks,

      Sorry in advance if it's well known matter.

      I have some troubles about nested_header_checks in main.cf of postfix.

      - OS Solaris10sparc
      - postfix mail_version = 2.4.6

      % postconf header_checks
      header_checks = regexp:/etc/postfix/header_checks
      % postconf nested_header_checks
      nested_header_checks = regexp:/etc/postfix/backscatter_checks
      % postconf mime_header_checks
      mime_header_checks = regexp:/etc/postfix/backscatter_checks

      % cat backscatter_checks
      /^From: +([^<]+)?<foo@example\.com>$/ REDIRECT spamhunter@...
      /^Return-path: +<(foo|bar|hoge|fuga)@example\.com>$/ REDIRECT spamhunter@...
      /^Subject: +Majordomo +results:/ REDIRECT spamhunter@...

      It's rules against backscatters.

      In other times, I tried more complicated rules using [if.. (nest nest ...) .. endif ], but there was something wrong, so I decided to make more simple rules at first, then I wrote above rules.

      But some mails which should be caught by nested_header_checks or mime_header_checks can't help but go through my filter for some reason.
      And I don't know why..

      However, I found a difference between mails which my filter could catch and mails which my filter couldn't.

      It is the difference whether attached mail has body or not(header only).

      This is nested_header_checks' feature, right?

      When I use body_checks, there is no probrem.
      But it might cause unintended matching.

      Any information would be appreciated.

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