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242425Re: Postfix - vacation.pl - dspam

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  • mouss
    Aug 19, 2008
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      Claudio Prono wrote:
      > I resend that question to the mailing list, because i need a solution.
      > Sorry. Anyone have an idea of how to do that?

      The best way is to run dspam in relay mode (it runs as an LMTP daemon
      and after filtering, forwards mail back to postfix. same way amavisd-new
      does, so you can read amavisd-new docs for help). In such a setup,
      disable rewrite before the filter (see the FILTER README and amavisd-new
      README.postfix) so that dspam doesn't see the @autoreply.* copy
      (otherwise, it will not use the users dictionary, but will have its
      own). there are few wiki pages explaining how to run dspam in relay mode
      (there's also a relay.txt or gateway.txt or so in the dspam
      distribution). get friend with Google and "he" will help you (you can
      also ask on the dspam users list).

      running dspam in "delivery mode" with postfixadmin vacation.pl requires
      a lot of work. see below for few notes.

      > The situation right now is:
      > Dspam is called by an smtpd restriction filter, like this in main.cf:
      > smtpd_recipient_restrictions =
      > #check_recipient_access hash:/etc/postfix/vacation,
      > check_recipient_access hash:/etc/postfix/dspam_learning,
      > permit_mynetworks,
      > permit_sasl_authenticated,
      > reject_non_fqdn_sender,
      > reject_non_fqdn_recipient,
      > reject_unknown_recipient_domain,
      > reject_unauth_pipelining,
      > reject_unauth_destination,
      > check_policy_service inet: (that is postgrey)
      > check_recipient_access hash:/etc/postfix/dspam_users
      > /etc/postfix/dspam_users
      > domain.net FILTER dspam:
      > /etc/postfix/dspam_learning
      > spam@... FILTER spam:
      > notspam@... FILTER nospam:
      > /etc/postfix/master.cf
      > dspam unix - n n - 10 pipe
      > flags=u user=nobody argv=/usr/bin/dspam --deliver=innocent
      > --feature=noise,chained --user ${recipient}
      > spam unix - n n - - pipe
      > flags=u user=nobody argv=/usr/bin/dspam --class=spam --source=error
      > --user spam
      > nospam unix - n n - - pipe
      > flags=u user=nobody argv=/usr/bin/dspam --class=innocent --source=error
      > --user spam
      > Vacation (is vacation.pl contained in postfixadmin) is called by that
      > manner:
      > in /etc/postfix/transport
      > autoreply.domain.net vacation:
      > postfixadmin when a vacation is activated, adds an alias to the user
      > like user user@...@..., it matches the transport
      > and triggers the vacation.pl script.

      .domain.net FILTER dspam:
      it would trigger the FILTER statement. but then
      - you need a way to tell dspam that user@...@...
      is the same as user@... (so as to use his dictionary). this is
      certainly feasible via mysql tuning. (sorry, I won't try).
      - you need to pass mail back to postfix so that vacation.pl gets called.
      this means that dspam should use the sendmail command for delivery.
      (alternatively, it could use maildrop or procmail, provided you don't
      lose the envelope recipient, and maildrop/procmail could then call

      > But it was triggered before dspam, so it reply also to all the spam,
      > with so many "undeliverable mail" errors and similar things... and this
      > is no good.
      > I need to vacation be triggered only after dspam, so it responds to the
      > good mails and not to the bad mails.
      > Thank u,
      > Claudio Prono.
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