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242420transport by destination, filter by source

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  • Pavel Urban
    Aug 18, 2008

      is there an ellegant way to filter by source and route mail by
      destination? I have the following scenario:

      - two destinations
      - one should accept mails from one domain only
      - the second one accepts everything

      I have to route mail to these destinations. Right now I'm using
      smtpd_sender_restrictions, check_sender_access with FILTER rules. These
      rules route mails coming from the selected domain to the second Postfix
      instance. The mail is then routed from both instances by transport maps.

      Is there a better way?

      Thank you!

      Pavel Urban (pavel.urban (at) o2services.cz)
      O2 Services system disaster
      Telefonica O2 Services, spol s r.o. - www.o2services.cz
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