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242247Re: Before queue filter vs access policy delegation?

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  • Bill Anderson
    Aug 13, 2008
      On Aug 9, 2008, at 8:52 PM, Noel Jones wrote:

      >>> It doesn't need to process the body of the email
      >> Just curious, since queue_id is passed, is it possible for the
      >> script to actually read the email body in postfix queue?
      > No. The queue file format is intentionally undocumented to
      > discourage direct manipulation of queue files. The queue file
      > format can change between postfix versions without warning.
      > Direct manipulation of queue files is unsupported and not recommended.
      > Of course, a more basic problem is that the queue file doesn't yet
      > exist when the policy service is called from smtpd_{client, helo,
      > sender, recipient, data}_restrictions.

      To be fair, if he only want to read the body, he could "shell out" to
      postcat to *read* it so long as it was done late enough in the process
      - i.e. end-of-data. I make no guarantees about performance of such
      acts, however. ;) I have done this *on occasion* for very specific

      Obviously modification is out.

      A queuefile *could* exist during the RCPT TO phases, but there would
      be no header/body content to be read anyway.

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