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240621Re: backupmx with Postfix

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  • mouss
    Jul 1, 2008
      Nicolas Letellier wrote:
      > [snip]
      > Yes, I have the 'smtpd' line, of course. I juste pasted the two lines where I have a question. Is it normal tha the mail to relay pass by my service (from master.cf), and after, is sent by smtp.domain.com.
      > I thinked than the mail to relay will just pass directly by the relay, not by the service.

      What do you mean by "service" vs "relay"? mail is queued by the relay
      server and then sent to the final destination (provided the relay server
      is not configured to deliver such mail locally).
      > Another question:
      > I see that bounce mail could be problematic. Is it a good idea (and mainly, is it possible?) to disable bounce mail *only* for mail to relay?

      you should make sure that you validate recipients during the smtp
      transaction. so either have the list of relay recipients
      (relay_recipient_maps) or use reject_unverified_recipient (but the
      latter breaks the purpose of "backup" in backupMX :).

      > One another:
      > Is it adviced to reject mail with a sender address not resolvable?

      you can but it does not catch a a lot of junk. use zen.spamhaus.org and
      after that see what spam is missed. you can then tune your restrictions
      if possible (otherwise, use a content filter).
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