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239251OT: Re: Problems setting up mobile virtual server

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  • Brian Evans
    Jun 2, 2008
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      Felipe Contreras wrote:
      > On Mon, Jun 2, 2008 at 6:31 PM, Victor Duchovni
      > <Victor.Duchovni@...> wrote:
      >> On Mon, Jun 02, 2008 at 06:17:03PM +0300, Felipe Contreras wrote:
      >>> Hi,
      >>> I want to use postfix in my laptop both in work and from home. My
      >>> laptop has a virtual hostname, so I want addresses mapped, and for
      >>> that I'm using "generic" to map them.
      >>> Next I set up "transport" to use a relay host if I'm at work
      >>> (host.company.com) or direct if I'm at home (host.felipec.org). The
      >>> problem is that apparently the addresses were already mapped in
      >>> "generic" so now I have no way to distinguish them.
      >>> Any ideas?
      >> Transport resolution happens before generic mapping. See ADDRESS_REWRITING_README.
      >> This said, why are you using Postfix on your laptop at all? I don't,
      >> it just runs an MUA.
      > I read the document and it doesn't say at which point generic is run.
      > It says it's part of "Address rewriting with remote delivery", while
      > transport is part of "Address rewriting when mail is delivered", but
      > not which one of these two comes first.
      > Anyway, I can see that generic is run first because when I use
      > gmail.com in transport it's properly relayed, and generic is mapping
      > from felipec.org to gmail.com.
      > I want to use mutt and I want to send e-emails as if I used my
      > gmail.com account. And of course I can't rely with gmail.com nor send
      > emails to it when I'm at work unless I rely with my company's smtp
      > server.
      > Right?
      Please don't abuse Postfix as an MDA.
      For your case, a bit of googling would have brought you to

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