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237796Re: How to copy all incoming and outgoing messages

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  • Victor Duchovni
    May 2, 2008
      On Fri, May 02, 2008 at 10:41:40AM -0400, Charles Marcus wrote:

      > On 5/2/2008, Victor Duchovni (Victor.Duchovni@...) wrote:
      > >It's the best I can do until I find the cycles to fully document and
      > >then release the tee proxy I am using. I don't think it is appropriate
      > >to release it in an undocumented state.
      > Understandable, and I'm sure I and many others look forward to this...
      > With the advancing requirements of burdensome regulations, this (some
      > kind of basic archiving capability) will become more and more important,
      > and in my opinion, it is not unreasonable for postfix to provide an
      > integrated/built-in method of performing this function, to ensure a
      > robust and safe - ie, don't bounce if there is a problem with the
      > mirror, but queue until it is back up, etc - functionality.

      I don't expect the proxy in question to ever be part of Postfix. Postfix
      supports at least 4 extension mechanisms:

      - Post-queue content filters
      - Pre-queue proxy filters
      - Milters
      - Policy servers

      It is up to the Postfix community and vendors to create add-on tools
      that make use of these features. So I don't see a "buit-in" archive
      feature any time soon.

      > It would also be nice if it could easily deliver to an appropriate
      > sub-folder - ie, one named after the local address part of the original
      > envelope recipient (the one(s) being tested for during recipient
      > validation stage when the primary server accepted the message for final
      > delivery)...

      The right mechanism leaves this choice to the administrator, the
      archive copy is created and queued, after that you can deliver it
      where-ever you want (configure the archive Postfix instance transport
      rules accoringly). It would be wrong to make delivery decisions in the
      archive module, they would never be sufficiently comprehensive.


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