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236485Re: Losing My SPAM Battle

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  • /dev/rob0
    Apr 4, 2008
      On Fri April 4 2008 20:02:50 Bill Cole wrote:
      > >Although I don't intentionally use Comcast's nameservers, it's quite
      > >possible that they have transparently proxied DNS traffic.
      > That would be a spectacularly evil thing to do.
      > It seems within the realm of possibility (and far less evil) that
      > Spamhaus has filtered all of Comcast's residential space from being
      > able to query their servers, given the prevalence of zombies in that
      > space.

      You are of course correct, and there was even a clue in my post: I
      fixed my issue by forwarding queries to my own remote servers. One of
      these is through a VPN, but the others are reached using port 53, and
      all are tested, answering my queries from there.

      I am, however, familiar with at least one ISP that redirects DNS
      traffic to its own servers: HughesNet home satellite. I bet it was a
      matter of incompetence rather than malice; it's difficult to make a
      laggy satellite connection work like ADSL or cable.
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