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236213Re: Backup Mail Server

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  • mouss
    Apr 1, 2008
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      ramesh srinivas wrote:
      > Hi,
      > Recently i have configured backup Mail server. tested
      > by disconnecting primary mail server, mails are qued
      > in backup mail server, so its working fine.
      > Invalid mails which are rejected by primary mail
      > server are queuing in backup mail server, backup mail
      > server pushes to primary mail server.
      > How to discard this invalid mails from secondary mail
      > server queue. ( i have entered valid mail id in access
      > file, still im finding lot of invalid mails in queue).
      > Any suggestion to fix this issue is appreciable.

      You must validate recipients on the backup server (either copy the list
      of users or use sql/ldap to access this list).

      If you can't, then remove the backup server. discarding mail is not
      acceptable (bouncing is worst). People do mistype addresses sometimes.
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