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236210Send from another mail server?

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  • Lars Johansen
    Apr 1, 2008
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      Is it possible to force mail being sent from specific to be inserted
      into another smtp?


      I have a postfix server which is also handling production mail.

      I have another server with zimbra for evaluation, I want all the mail to
      be available on both systems at the same time, this works great for mail
      on the postfix server which just forwards mail to the zimbra server.

      But when I send mail from zimbra, it just sends it to the local smtp and
      if the reciever is local it will put the mail in his mailbox, the
      problem is then that when the evaluation period is over, the mails are
      lost, cause they are not on the production mail server,
      so my question is basically:

      Is it possible to create somekind of filter that process mail based on
      the ip address, like if the ip address is it will forward it
      to another smtp server for processing regardless if the reciever is

      Greetings ,

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