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234936Re: filling incoming queue

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  • Pavel Urban
    Mar 1, 2008
      Victor Duchovni wrote:
      > On Fri, Feb 29, 2008 at 08:32:05PM +0100, Pavel Urban wrote:
      > SAN could be slower, Postfix probably cares more about latency than
      > bandwidth. Is the SAN caching on the controler inside your machine
      > or on the controller in the array? (More likely the latter).
      > In any case, I get ~200 msgs/sec on Dell 2850 class hardware with Battery
      > RAID cache (onboard no SAN) enabled. That's 12,000 per minute, and you
      > are topping out at 1/12th of that, so either the NVRAM cache is disabled
      > or too small.
      > Your volume of deferred mail also seems high. Are you scanning the
      > deferred queue too often?

      I think it will make big difference. These are Sun's X4200, they are
      ment to be connected to SAN or to an external array - they have SAS
      disks and some highly suspicious onboard RAID controller. I hope 2GBit
      FC infrastructure and FC arrays (yes, with cache on array's controller,
      but anyway) should be enough.

      I haven't modified anything about queue scanning interval.

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