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232235Re: virtual transport overwrites recipient

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  • Sahil Tandon
    Jan 2, 2008
      * Ondrej Pachner <op@...> [2008-01-02 10:13:09 +0100]:

      > hello all,
      > I have problems with postfix 2.3.8-2+b1 (debian etch) when delivering mail
      > to the virtual catch-all address.
      > When I try to send email with Bcc: someone@..., which goes to the
      > mailbox all@... (based on mysql query)
      > postfix receives it, pipe it to the amavisd and then receives back on port
      > 10025, and then overwrites recipient to all@... and puts it via
      > maildrop to the mailbox. It doesn't preserve the original recipient, so the
      > owner of teh mailbox can't sort/filter it on the recipient base.
      > I put the lline:
      > enable_original_recipient = yes
      > to the main.cf, but nothing happened (it's postfix default setting, isn't
      > it?), thhe problem is still the same.
      > When I have the recipient in To: header, everything is OK.
      > Does anybody know how to fix it to deliver to the right maillbox
      > (al@...) with To: header with the original address
      > (someuser@...)?
      > thank you for any hint

      But you did not send the email *To:* someuser@...; you set *Bcc:*.

      Sahil Tandon <sahil@...>
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