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232207Re: SMTP gateway and multiple delivery hosts. Am I crazy?

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  • Mark Krenz
    Jan 1, 2008
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      Ok, I'm not crazy (phew!), it turns out that I needed to have the
      virtual_alias_maps setup on the delivery machines as well and have it
      point to the same database that was used on the gateway machine. Either
      I didn't understand that from someone's instructions, or its not really
      mentioned anywhere. I thought about that at one point but I thought it
      would cause a loop.

      So now I can send mail from one delivery host to another unix user on
      another delivery host and it does its thing properly.

      But now I'm having trouble getting virtual mailboxes to delivery
      right. Before I turned on virtual_alias_maps on the delivery hosts, I
      was able to send e-mail to the virtual mailboxes through the gateway or
      on the delivery host that it would go to, but now with
      virtual_alias_maps turned on in the delivery host, I get the following
      error when I try to send to a virtual mailbox.

      <virtualuser%domain.com@...>): User unknown in virtual alias table

      I've replaced the actual values in this e-mail to keep them private.

      Can virtual_alias_maps and virtual_mailbox_maps work on the same


      On Tue, Dec 18, 2007 at 05:38:49AM GMT, Mark Krenz [mark@...] said the following:
      > On Mon, Dec 17, 2007 at 11:31:12AM GMT, mouss [mlist.only@...] said the following:
      > >
      > > 1- use virtual_alias_maps to rewrite foo@... to
      > > foo@.... If using multiple domains with possibly the same
      > > user-parts, then rewrite to foo=example.com@.... you can
      > > then use smtp_generic_maps to rewrite
      > > /^(.*)=(example\.com)@host\d+\.example\.org$/ $1@$2
      > Thanks to everyone who responded.
      > Well, the above setup is what I am doing on the gateway host and that
      > works fine. What I'm unsure about is how to setup the lookup tables for
      > local delivery on the delivery hosts.
      > How should I setup the delivery hosts so that they check if the
      > recipient is on that machine or if it needs to be sent to the gateway
      > mail server and then to one of the other delivery hosts or out to the
      > internet?
      > Again, in a situation where both delivery hosts could be accepting
      > mail for the same domain (example.com), just different users, I'm not
      > sure how I can prevent the local delivery host from trying to deliver
      > the message locally before it on to the gateway server. Or perhaps I am
      > thinking of the way it works in the wrong way? Its possible, its late
      > and I'm tired. Every night. ;-)
      > Mark
      > --
      > Mark S. Krenz
      > IT Director
      > Suso Technology Services, Inc.
      > http://suso.org/

      Mark S. Krenz
      IT Director
      Suso Technology Services, Inc.
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