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230745Re: Dealing with unreliable milters - revisited

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  • Mark Martinec
    Dec 2, 2007
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      Wietse wrote:
      > Mark Martinec:
      > > I would like to request a Postfix configuration setting
      > > which could override any attempts of some milter
      > > to reject or tempfail a message.
      > I also asked this question about ignoring tempfail replies. What
      > if the Milter has already modified the message? The result will be
      > inconsistent (from the user point of view; Postfix would not create
      > a corrupted queue file).

      If an administrator explicitly requests an override (despite
      some documented caveats), he should be willing to accept the
      risk that a milter might first request some changes to a mail,
      then changed its mind and rejected or tempfailed it.
      I think a warning in a log would suffice. For me, it would be
      acceptable one way or another (with or without milter edits
      to a message being applied).

      > BTW it should be possible to configure Postfix so that it limits
      > headers to within Milter-acceptable limits. Most of the necessary
      > support for that is already there.

      In this particular case the header size is limited to 32 kB,
      although I don't think it is worth the effort to anticipate
      anything that might go wrong in a milter and have a workaround
      available. Today is a header size, yesterday was a header field
      length, tomorrow will be something else.

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