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230712Re: Too much logging information to mail.debug

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  • Victor Duchovni
    Nov 30, 2007
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      On Fri, Nov 30, 2007 at 08:51:02PM -0600, Brian Sebby wrote:

      > I'm trying to set up a simple client postfix configuration to relay mail
      > from a non-mailserver to our relay. I've got it all working except for
      > one issue: postfix is spewing tons of information to the syslog file via
      > the mail.debug facility.
      > The mail is coming from localhost, and is being delivered to a remote host.
      > The system is using LDAP for users and groups, and a lot of the debugging
      > information appears to be this type of data:
      > ... <lots deleted> ...
      > Nov 30 20:41:57 my-host postfix/smtp[28928]: [ID 339871 mail.debug] tid= 1: hostCertPath=/var/ldap
      > Nov 30 20:41:57 my-host postfix/smtp[28928]: [ID 639905 mail.debug] tid= 1: userID=cn=simple-host,ou=<our local LDAP information removed>
      > Nov 30 20:41:57 my-host postfix/smtp[28928]: [ID 323218 mail.debug] tid= 1: unlocking sessionLock

      This logging is not done by Postfix, rather it is your NSS libraries
      calling syslog(3) from inside routine system interfaces (getpwnam,
      ...). Postfix never uses the "debug" log level, all Postfix logging is
      at LOG_INFO or higher priority (lower number).


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