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227484Re: Programmatic access to the showq daemon/data

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  • Victor Duchovni
    Oct 1, 2007
      On Tue, Oct 02, 2007 at 12:05:42AM +0100, Ward, Martin wrote:

      > Unfortunately I can't do that without more power than most countries have,
      > or at least a few assassins...
      > I work for an ISP so a lot of mail we try and route is junk (I don't like
      > it but I have to live with it). The customer, quite rightly, won't accept
      > it but since we already have we must deal with the concequences.

      Are you a backup MX provider? If so, phase out this service for customers
      who don't provide valid recipient lists. Consider enabling recipient
      verification for relay domains that don't provide valid user lists,
      but reject email for invalid addresses.

      Finally, if clients reject messages from your relay even for valid
      recipients, based on spam scores, ... phase out service to them also,
      one must not filter traffic from the backup MX, if the backup MX's
      anti-spam policy is not satisfactory, one must drop the find or build
      a more suitable backup MX whose ingress policy is satisfactory.


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