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224429RE: Asking Open Relay

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  • Marky Yehezkiel
    Aug 2, 2007
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      > Unless I'm misunderstanding... When you go to abuse.net, you need to
      > register a e-mail address on ANOTHER server, ie yourname@...,
      > yourname@... . You are attempting to send mail to
      > satnetcom.com ON satnetcom.com . Of course the machine is going to accept

      Maybe I'm misunderstanding too with this sentence :D from abuse.net :
      If it is really an open relay, the test message will be delivered to you. If
      you do not receive the test message in your e-mail in the next few hours, it
      IS NOT an open relay.

      So it's mean that if I didn't received any email from abuse after test
      message my mailserver isn't open relay but in this case I received email
      from abuse.net when I did test so it's mean my mailserver able to become
      open relay? As I mention from my previous email my mailserver was listed by
      someone from outside through sent email from my mailserver as postmaster to
      dsbl.org and this is annoying me :( or maybe I got misunderstanding on this.
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