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  • Sebastian Ries
    Aug 2, 2007

      Am Donnerstag, 2. August 2007 01:22 schrieb Marky Yehezkiel:
      > > Is this the same configuration that failed the relay test? We need
      > consistent information.
      > Yes it is same configuration. And I never change mydestination or my
      > networks and I try from abuse.net/relay.html and from abuse.net/relay.html
      > there is option to input your email account (register first to
      > new@...) or using anonymous mode and If I choose anonymous mode relay
      > test is successful my MX doesn't open relay but if I put my email account
      > relay test is failed my MX become open relay. I assumed that because my
      > email domain has MX in the MX that I tested and if I delete my email domain
      > from relay_domains the relay test is success abuse.net couldn't send test
      > email via my MX to my email account. Also can you show me the right
      > configuration of main.cf for restricting become open relay? Thank you

      Once I had a working postfix configuration but suddenly it became an open
      After some houres of searching I found out that someone misconfigured the
      The NAT table for the mail server dir source AND destination NAT in both
      directions. So all the connections to the mailserver seemed to come from the
      internel interface of the firewall -> part of mynetworks :-/

      Have a look at such things too.

      Sebastian Ries

      DT Netsolution GmbH - Talaeckerstr. 30 - D-70437 Stuttgart
      Tel: +49-711-849910-36 Fax: +49-711-849910-936
      WEB: http://www.dtnet.de/ email: Sebastian.Ries@...
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