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224355Re: Asking Open Relay

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  • Noel Jones
    Aug 1, 2007
      At 12:36 PM 8/1/2007, Marky Yehezkiel wrote:
      >Dear All,
      >Firstly sorry for my bad english, I have Mailserver and the
      >function as MX, If I test from spamtest via abuse.net my MX can
      >become open relay and I know if I delete relay_domain it would be
      >work I mean spamtest won't get through but of course the MX won't
      >able to deliver email to back-end mailserver. And my main.cf configuration is :

      You didn't provide enough information to give a proper diagnosis or solution.
      Please show us unaltered "postconf -n" output and unaltered log
      entries from the relay test.

      Noel Jones
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