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224352mail deferring incorrectly?

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  • Ed W
    Aug 1, 2007
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      I'm using Postfix 2.2.5. My mail to xxx@... is sitting in the
      outbound queue (for hours) with error message:
      (delivery temporarily suspended: connect to
      mx2.ast-uk.com[]: Connection timed out)

      However, if I check dig I see:

      ast-uk.com. 13471 IN MX 20 mx2.ast-uk.com.
      ast-uk.com. 13471 IN MX 10 mx.ast-uk.com.

      A quick test shows that mx2 is there, but times out on a telnet to 25.
      However, mx is working fine.

      Q: How come postfix continuously tries only the highest priority MX and
      is never failing over to the secondary MX? How can I make it do so in
      this case (clearly mx2 is dead, but not dead enough..)


      Ed W
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