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222918Re: SMTP enabled replacement for sendmail command

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  • mouss
    Jul 1, 2007
      Alain Spineux wrote:
      > The server will be a MX backup, that keep a copy of emails for local
      > delivery.
      > The other copy is put in queue for a further posting (the normal MX bakup
      > job).
      > A web wail can give users access to the delivered emails.
      > The BQF is the place where my 'filter' duplicate each email' between 2
      > postfix instances

      I guess you already verified that you can't do this without a filter
      (bcc related options, virtual aliases, ... etc).

      > and return to SMTP client the compiled status returned by both local
      > postfix.
      > This is a very light BQF, their is no reason for the local postfix to
      > reject
      > the email, except
      > a disk full, but a maildrop will give the same result :-)

      I still fail to see what sendmail has to do in this game... you're only
      talking about mail received from the network.

      > I thing the BQF is a good place here because it avoid a write in the
      > queue :

      Premature optimization is the root of you know what ;-p

      > using BQF: SMTP client -> SMTPD -> BQF -> SMTPD -> write -> SMTP
      > using AQF: SMTP client -> SMTPD -> write -> AQF -> write -> SMTP
      > This is the chose I made, it's working, but I still could change, any
      > advice
      > is welcome

      You can use the same filter as an after-the-queue filter for mail
      submitted via sendmail. just add
      -o content_filter=....
      in the "pickup" service (in master.cf). and that's it.
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