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221208Mobile devices & sending mail.

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  • LB
    Jun 1, 2007

      Greets ..


      What's the best route to go when it comes to allowing users with devices such as mobile devices, with dynamic IPs to send mail through my postfix gateway.


      Basically I have a setup where postfix is my front-end gateway to my exchange box. There is an LDAP script which fetches all valid users from AD and creates a valid recipients users list for Postfix to match against and accept mail for.


      I have 3 different users using windows mobile IMAP to retrieve messages on their devices, there is no problem with this. Sending though is a different issue. The devices randomly change IP addresses and it's impossible to manage the IPs for allowing them to send through the gateway.


      Obviously due to the reasons that the postfix box is the smtp gateway, and it's not auth'ing to the Exchange box; auth is not supported at this end and relaying is denied.


      So what would be the best suggestion for a setup like this? Thanks..


      BTW I'm running Latest postfix on OpenBSD 4.1  










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