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221196Re: Postfix and archiving

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  • mouss
    Jun 1, 2007
      Ritesh Nadhani wrote:
      > Hi
      > We have a postfix server running without any problem. Now for an
      > internal application we need to store (backup) all the incoming and
      > outgoing mails to a MySQL database.
      > A similar solution is given at
      > http://www.dbmail.org/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=archiving-howto but this
      > only works if all the mails are stored in the MySQL database.
      > What I want is that all the emails are stored in normal mailboxes but
      > after storing them, postfix calls one of our application with the
      > actual email that we can parse and insert it to the database.
      > Thus what we basically want is that after sending/receiving mail
      > Postfix calls another process with the email passed as parameter that
      > we can use for further purposes.
      > Any pointers on the same would be appreciated?

      - use recipient_bcc_maps to copy mail to $user@...
      (search the archives for how to "save" the recipient using pcre. the
      idea is someting like "/(.)@domain\.example$/
      $1@..." ),
      - then use a dbmail transport to deliver mail for the
      dbmail.domain.example to dbmail.
      - configure dbmail to listen on another port so that you can still use
      your other pop/imap server.
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