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219450Re: Setting up to send mail

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  • Charles Marcus
    May 1, 2007
      > Good luck helping him, am I not going to try to interfere with
      > invisible off-list assistance.

      I went off-list with him because of the chilly reception he got when he
      first posted here.

      I posted his details because he didn't do a very good job, even the
      second time. He didn't seem to be aware that the way he is trying to use
      postfix isn't a standard setup.

      I did this in the hopes that someone here might actually take a minute
      and point him (or me) in the right direction.

      Sometimes you (and others on this list) are a bit arrogant in your
      treatment of people who don't exhibit an acceptably (to you) advanced
      level of knowledge and expertise, but that is your right, and I'm not
      complaining about it.

      Is there a postfix support list that is a little more forgiving, and
      willing to help people new to postfix (specifically), and mail server
      administration (in general)?

      If not, I guess we'll just keep plugging away, and hopefully eventually
      get there.


      Best regards,

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