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219446Re: Setting up to send mail

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  • Wietse Venema
    May 1 4:06 AM
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      Charles Marcus:
      [ Charset ISO-8859-1 unsupported, converting... ]
      > Wietse Venema wrote:
      > > Wade Smart:
      > >> relayhost = [smtpout.secureserver.net]:3535
      > > Why are you sending mail for yahoo etc. to smtpout.secureserver.net?
      > (I've been trying to help him privately, both because of the help I
      > received from this list when I first started with postfix, and for my
      > own learning experience)
      > He has a different setup...
      > 1. His mail is hosted by Godaddy. Godaddy is authoritative for his
      > domain, wadesmart.com
      > 2. His local postfix box is also what he uses as his workstation.
      > 3. He uses fetchmail to retrieve mail from his hosted Godaddy mail
      > server to his local server/workstation, running postfix (and dovecot for
      > providing imap access).
      > So, again, his local machine that is running postfix is *not* the
      > authoritative server for his domain - he is using fetchmail/postfix
      > (I've never used fetchmail either, so not sure what is required in
      > postfix config to make them work together either) to grab all of his
      > email from where it is hosted at Godaddy.
      > This setup is not something I've ever even done/thought about, so I'm
      > not sure how to help him...
      > He wants his local postfix, which is running on his workstation machine,
      > to be able to relay all outbound mail being sent locally through
      > Godaddys smtp server. smtp.secureserver.net is the host Godaddy gave him
      > for sending mail using their smtp server remotely, so I assumed that he
      > should set it up like mine is here, since we do the same thing and it is
      > working fine - as the relayhost.
      > > That machine doesn't want such mail.
      > It should - it is what he was given to use for sending mail remotely.
      > >> Apr 30 17:18:56 wadesmart postfix/smtp[18874]: B0E5F14284D1:
      > >> to=<wadesmart@...>,
      > >> orig_to=<wade@...>,
      > >> relay=smtpout.secureserver.net[]:3535,
      > > List mail.wadesmart.com in main.cf:mydestination.
      > But wouldn't he only do that if this box was authoritative for that domain?
      > I'm confused by this, since he is essentially only using this postfix as
      > a relay for outbound mail.

      Good luck helping him, am I not going to try to interfere
      with invisible off-list assistance.

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