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217814Re: Transcript of session

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  • Ralf Hildebrandt
    Apr 2, 2007
      * Черкендов Александр Армаисович <ch@...-8.ru>:
      > so how i can get in log something like this?
      > out>postfix lalala esmtp
      > ehlo me
      > 250 lala
      > 250 lalala
      > mail from:me@...
      > rcpt to:u@u.u


      in that case you get the logs in that form for
      mail.charite.de and other.mail.server

      If all else fail, make the log verbose globally and then use something
      like syslog-ng to remove the unneeded info.

      Ralf Hildebrandt (Ralf.Hildebrandt@...) plonk@...
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      Pencil and paper /n./: an archaic information storage and transmission
      device that works by depositing smears of graphite on bleached wood
      pulp. More recent developments in paper-based technology include
      improved `write-once' update devices which use tiny rolling heads
      similar to mouse balls to deposit colored pigment. All these devices
      require an operator skilled at so-called 'handwriting' technique.
      - From the Jargon File.
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