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215805Re: Multiple Relay Servers.

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  • Steven Wayne
    Mar 1, 2007
      On Thu, Mar 01, 2007 at 09:42:06AM -0500, Becker, Robert wrote:
      > Hello,
      > I am looking to implement an email gateway solution that will route
      > appropriate mail to the appropriate email servers. We have two
      > environments that produce email. One is a production based system the
      > second is a QA. We would like to have a centralized postfix box accept
      > all email from these environments and route them to the appropriate
      > email server.
      > For example:
      > An email was sent from server1 to user@....
      > This email get's sent to the postfix relay server.
      > The postfix relay server sees it's going to company1.com so it forwards
      > this email to the company1's mail server.
      > A mail was sent from server2 to user@...
      > The email gets to the postfix relay server.
      > The postfix relay server see's it's going to company2 so it forwards it
      > to company2's email server.
      > I've setup relay boxes that send all email to a certain email server,
      > but never one that's worked like that.. Anyone have any help.

      MX Records work for me.

      Don't set up the relay server with a "relayhost" parameter. Let it use DNS
      MX records.

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      > are not the intended recipient please notify the sender by reply e-mail
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      > Use, disclosure or reproduction of any information in this
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      Ah, well that's a shame because without "disclosure" I can't tell you
      about it, and as I already said, I am not the addressee of the original
      email. So you are, in effect, forbiding me in the second part what you
      required me to do in the first part.

      > Sterling Commerce is not liable for any loss or damage
      > arising in any way from transmission of the message or use of its
      > attachments.

      I think you're still bound by the laws of your country no matter how your
      disclaimer is worded.

      > This email may contain links to third party web sites.

      Aren't you sure?

      > Sterling Commerce is not responsible for the content or privacy policies
      > of such other sites and the existence of a link in this email does not
      > imply an endorsement of the linked web site or the goods or services
      > offered therein.

      Then don't link to them.

      ( Not a fan of disclaimers ).
      Eat drink and be merry! Tommorrow you may be in Utah.
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