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212229Re: SASL vs. M$ Outlook and Outlook Express

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  • Robert Schetterer
    Jan 1, 2007
      Michael Wang schrieb:
      > Tom Kovar wrote:
      >> As stated in my previous mail - offering LOGIN as authentication
      >> mechanism does not change anything on the problem. Offering both PLAIN
      >> and LOGIN does not change anything, offering only LOGIN leads to an
      >> error message by the client that the server does not offer any mechanism
      >> supported by Outlook Express. (After initial failure with both Outlook
      >> and O.Express, I continue testing only with Express now).
      >> So frankly I do not believe that Outlook Express really supports LOGIN
      >> mechanism...
      > I fiddled with Outlook 2002 (don't have Express) and my Postfix setup
      > which is also running Dovecot for both IMAP and SASL and the only way I
      > was able to get the Outlook not to send the AUTH command is if I turned
      > off the "My Outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication" check box.
      > Are these Windows machines that are trying to connect personal machines
      > or are they setup in some sort of managed environment where perhaps
      > something is overriding that setting? I don't know enough about Outlook
      > to suggest where to look for that sort of thing.
      > Oh and Outlook 2002 does handle PLAIN only (but it prefers LOGIN if both
      > are offered) so that's definitely not the issue.
      i have postfix, saslauthd , mysql, dovecot running on
      many servers ( suse 10.1), i have no problem, using
      outlook express, outlook, thunderbird
      ( latest versions )
      whatever pop3, imap, imaps, pop3s
      smtp, smtps
      with virtual domain postfixadmin
      so in my eyses problems are a configure issue
      i configured saslauthd to ask imap dovecot with plaintext passwords
      ( plain is not not nice but needed for other stuff in my case )
      Regards and happy new year

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