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212208Re: SASL vs. M$ Outlook and Outlook Express

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  • Michael Wang
    Jan 1, 2007
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      Tom Kovar wrote:
      > As stated in my previous mail - offering LOGIN as authentication
      > mechanism does not change anything on the problem. Offering both PLAIN
      > and LOGIN does not change anything, offering only LOGIN leads to an
      > error message by the client that the server does not offer any mechanism
      > supported by Outlook Express. (After initial failure with both Outlook
      > and O.Express, I continue testing only with Express now).
      > So frankly I do not believe that Outlook Express really supports LOGIN
      > mechanism...

      I fiddled with Outlook 2002 (don't have Express) and my Postfix setup
      which is also running Dovecot for both IMAP and SASL and the only way I
      was able to get the Outlook not to send the AUTH command is if I turned
      off the "My Outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication" check box.
      Are these Windows machines that are trying to connect personal machines
      or are they setup in some sort of managed environment where perhaps
      something is overriding that setting? I don't know enough about Outlook
      to suggest where to look for that sort of thing.

      Oh and Outlook 2002 does handle PLAIN only (but it prefers LOGIN if both
      are offered) so that's definitely not the issue.

      Michael Wang
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