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212201Re: SASL vs. M$ Outlook and Outlook Express

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  • Rene van Hoek
    Jan 1, 2007
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      Tom Kovar wrote:
      > --- T
      > -----Original Message-----
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      > [mailto:owner-postfix-users@...] On Behalf Of Michael Wang
      > Sent: Monday, January 01, 2007 2:51 PM
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      > Subject: Re: SASL vs. M$ Outlook and Outlook Express
      > Rene van Hoek wrote:
      >> I did an telnet to your machine and that seems ok:
      >> Leto:/Volumes renevanhoek$ telnet mail.kovarovi.org 25
      >> Trying
      >> Connected to bimbo.kovarovi.org.
      >> Escape character is '^]'.
      >> 220 mail.kovarovi.org ESMTP Postfix
      >> EHLO test.a8.nl
      >> 250-mail.kovarovi.org
      >> 250-PIPELINING
      >> 250-SIZE 10240000
      >> 250-VRFY
      >> 250-ETRN
      >> 250-AUTH PLAIN
      >> 250-AUTH=PLAIN
      >> 250-8BITMIME
      >> 250 DSN
      > I don't believe Outlook handles PLAIN, I believe it needs to be LOGIN
      > (or NTLM if that's checked in the client), so try modifying your
      > dovecot.conf file and add that to the mechanisms parameter.

      > I have tried it with enabling PLAIN and LOGIN, nothing changed. If I
      > remove PLAIN and have only LOGIN, the Outlook client exits immediately,
      > stating that the server does not offer a mechanism supported by Outlook
      > - so this will not be the problem, either.
      > Btw., with IMAP, Outlook sends "AUTH PLAIN" without any problem...

      We advice our customers to configure outlook in the following way (texts
      are in Dutch, but the screenshots should be clear):


      I have a Windows machine near me. If you can send me an test-account, I
      would be happy to test if I can authenticate with your mta. I assume you
      don't have an Windows machine currently available?

      By the way, please don't top-post. It makes this thread harder to follow.


      rene at active8 nl
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