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  • mouss
    Jan 1, 2007
      Tom Allison wrote:
      > mouss wrote:
      >> you don't want to allow a whole ISP to relay through your server?
      >> Note that dyndns won't work, because rDNS must match (otherwise, the
      >> hostname is "unknown").
      >> Setup SASL and use permit_sasl_authenticated.
      > So that's how you do it?
      > Too bad... I'm having "no joy" with SASL on whatever I do.
      > Was really hoping I could avoid it for a while yet...
      > Maybe I'll get back to it.

      you can also use TLS if you want.
      Or you can use fetchmail to get the mail from the dynamic IP server. but
      SASL and/or TLS may be better.

      PS. I am getting this from your server. you may want to fix your

      <tom@...>: host janus.tacocat.net[] said: 554 5.7.1
      <ouzoud.netoyen.net>: Helo command rejected: Access denied (in reply to
      RCPT TO command)

      I am still CC-ing you to see if this changed.
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