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212193Re: large amounts of disconnects

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  • Michael Wang
    Jan 1, 2007
      Roman Novak - roman.novak@... wrote:
      >>> Transcript of session follows.
      >>> Out: 220 mercury.mydomain.net ESMTP something
      >>> In: EHLO
      >>> Out: 501 Syntax: EHLO hostname
      >>> Session aborted, reason: lost connection
      >> Do you have reject_invalid_helo_hostname or reject_invalid_hostname
      >> somewhere in your main.cf file?
      > No, i don't have these parameters in main.cf

      Never mind that, I was misinterpreting the docs.

      Peter Matulis mentioned the same problem in a thread from a few days ago
      titled "double-bounce problem" so like Tony said (and Peter said in the
      earlier thread) it's probably a broken spambot.

      Michael Wang
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