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210264Re: smtpd_sender_restrictions

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  • mouss
    Dec 1, 2006
      Jorey Bump wrote:
      > Carlos Eduardo R. L. de Miranda wrote:
      >> Our server is receiving lots of spam messages from servers with Russian
      >> domain.
      >> I would like to block every message from Russian domains.
      > If you must block by country, use an RBL:
      > http://countries.nerd.dk/
      > However, I find such RBLs more useful in a scoring system. Here's what
      > I do in my SpamAssassin local.cf (watch the wrap):
      > # first discover country code of origin using a TXT lookup
      > header RCVD_COUNTRIES eval:check_rbl_txt('nerd-zz',
      > 'zz.countries.nerd.dk.')
      > describe RCVD_COUNTRIES Received from countries.nerd.dk
      > tflags RCVD_COUNTRIES net
      > # All countries get a point by default
      > score RCVD_COUNTRIES 1.0

      Instead of querying a DNSBL:

      loadplugin Mail::SpamAssassin::Plugin::RelayCountry

      header COUNTRY_US X-Relay-Countries=~/\bUS\b/
      describe COUNTRY_US Relayed via United States
      score COUNTRY_US 0.01
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