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206531Re: relay_recipients_maps / generic clash

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  • John Knappers
    Oct 4, 2006
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      >John Knappers wrote:
      >>># Just add these lines to your script
      >>>domains=("@..." "@..." "@...")
      >>>cat in_complete_relay_recipient_maps | while read line;
      >grep "example.com" cat in_complete_relay_recipient_maps | while read line;
      >>> user_name=`echo $line|cut -f1 -d"@"`
      >>> for i in `echo ${domains[*]}`; do
      >>> echo -e "$user_name$i" >> /etc/postfix/relay_recipients
      >>> done
      >Do another grep run for the other domain and adapt the domains list. There
      >are many ways to do this, but this is probably the easiest for you to
      >>Tonight I'm gonna try this.
      I'm trying to create a nice script out of you suggetions, ans it start to
      work ! :)
      I changed: grep "example.com" cat in_complete_relay_recipient_maps | while
      read line;
      in cat relay_recipients_imcomplete_smal |grep "domain1.com" | while read
      # echo -e "$user_name$i" >>
      /home/john/testing/relay_recipients_smal in
      printf "$user_name$i\tOK\n" >>
      (was missing the tab and OK)

      But there is one thing left I can't get fixed.
      domains=("@..." "@..." "@...")
      It would be nice it read this list out of the generic file(s). But I failed
      to do so.
      At the comand line I was able to at get the following output:
      "@..." "@..." "@..."
      with the syntax:
      awk '!length < 1 && !/#/ && /@/h {printf ("\"%s\" ",$1)}' generic_smal
      But is still misses the ( ) surrounding the domain list and adding the line:
      domains=awk '!length < 1 && !/#/ && /@/h {printf ("\"%s\" ",$1)}'
      causes the script to fail
      Sandy, do you know how to do this right?
      Thanx for you efford.


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