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206312Re: relay_recipients_maps / generic clash

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  • John Knappers
    Oct 2, 2006
      >John Knappers wrote:
      >>>John Knappers wrote:
      >>>>Hello everyone,
      >>>>I consolidate a dozen of old domains in 2 domains with the generic table
      >>>>function of Postfix at our gateway relay / Mail hub.
      >>>>This works fine, but now. at last I finally wanted to implement the
      >>>>relay_recipient_maps function. After a night studying the awk syntax to
      >>>>convert the virtual table of our internal mailserver to a
      >>>>relay_recipients_map table I created a nice script just doing that.
      >>>>But now the problems starts. Only the mail of the 2 consolidated domains
      >>>>is accepted, and the mail to addresses ending with domains in the
      >>>>generic table is rejected. Does anyone a way to overcome this? My
      >>>>scripting knowledge is not sufficient to take the generic table in
      >>>>account when creating a relay_recipient_table.
      >>>>With other words: Is it possible to accept mail / do the generic domain
      >>>>consolidation, and apply the releay_recipients_maps feature after that?
      >At this point I haven't seen the full configuration (postconf -n) and I am
      >loath to give advice on incomplete information.
      >Are the domains domain1.example domain2.example etc in relay_domains, in
      >mydestination, in virtual_alias_domains, in virtual_mailbox_domains?
      >relay_recipient_maps is only used for domains in relay_domains, while
      >virtual_alias_maps is used for all domain classes.
      >generic_maps is applied only to outgoing mails.
      >List replies only please!
      >Please address PMs to: news-reply2 (@) japantest (.) homelinux (.) com

      I will try to clarify more:

      Mailgateway receiving is receiving mail for multiple domains. A lot of them
      are old, but still frequently used by customers.
      Function of mailgateway:
      receive mail: scan it / spanassassin it, rewrite old domains to new domans,
      and push it the final destination (internal mailserver).
      This not a to strange configuration.
      At the mailgateway I consolidate a dozen old (by mergers obsoleted, but by
      customers still frequently used domains) 2 two domains.
      Those to domains are the only domains the internal mailserver know about.
      At the mailgateway all domains are in the relay_domains table
      Old domains are rewritten to the new domains in the generic table like:
      @olddomain1 @newdomain1
      @olddomain2 @newdomain1
      @olddomain3 @newdomain2
      etc etc etc.

      If I create a relay_recpients_maps table based on the virtual table of the
      internal mailserver (which only knows about the 2 consolidated domains). All
      incoming mail with the old domains (which needs te be rewritten by the
      generic funstion) is rejected.
      The relay_recipient_maps table is checked before the address rewritting,
      which is causing the setup to fail

      For completenes I include a postconf -n.txt ( with anonymized domains)

      Please advise what the best solution is for this problem, I cannot imagine,
      that I'm the first facing this problem.


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