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206264Re: Fax server with postfix

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  • Kai F├╝rstenberg
    Oct 1, 2006
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      Giedrius Augys schrieb:
      > My question is about , how to configure postfix , when a new message
      > arrive to particular user, postfix executes script, which grabs
      > subject fields and puts atachment to temp dir and later using agi I
      > will transmit fax..

      You have a install also a MTA with filtering language (e.g. procmail).
      Then you can use something like
      mailbox_transport = procmail
      in main.cf. You can also work with transport_maps to do this (please
      also read the documentation).

      Postfix does not execute any scripts on a special mail, but procmail can
      do this.

      So you need both (MDA and MTA): Postfix to accept the mail and deliver
      it to the MTA which executes the script on that mail and creates a call
      file or executing the agi-script or whatever.

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