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206263Re: Fax server with postfix

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  • Giedrius Augys
    Oct 1, 2006
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      My question is about , how to configure postfix , when a new message arrive to particular user, postfix executes script, which grabs subject fields and puts atachment to temp dir and later using agi I will transmit fax..

      2006/10/1, Kai F├╝rstenberg <postfix@...>:
      Giedrius Augys schrieb:
      > Hi,
      >  I'm newbie in mail systems. So now I'm creating asterisk fax server
      > with spandsp. And I want to run  my script, when mail  arrives to
      > particular one user (in subject field would be a fax number,
      > attachment file would be tiff or pdf). And I don't know how to do this
      > and grab attachment file. Maybe you can give me some advices how to do
      > this.
      > Thanks

      this is not a postfix issue. Postfix is a MDA and does not modify mail
      content, nor does is split the mail into subject, body and attachment,
      nor work on these. The other way round could be a postfix issue, when
      you receive a fax and want to send it to some mailbox unsing postfix as MDA.

      Perhaps your question would be something for the Asterisk-Users mailing

      As I know there are already solutions for email-to-fax working with
      Asterisk, but I don't use this on my own Asterisk, so I can't help you
      with this.


      Giedrius Augys
      Siauliu Universitetas, IST
      IP telefonijos inzinierius
      Tel. 8 41 590408
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