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206262Re: relay_recipients_maps / generic clash

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  • John Knappers
    Oct 1, 2006
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      >John Knappers wrote:
      >>Hello everyone,
      >>I consolidate a dozen of old domains in 2 domains with the generic table
      >>function of Postfix at our gateway relay / Mail hub.
      >>This works fine, but now. at last I finally wanted to implement the
      >>relay_recipient_maps function. After a night studying the awk syntax to
      >>convert the virtual table of our internal mailserver to a
      >>relay_recipients_map table I created a nice script just doing that.
      >>But now the problems starts. Only the mail of the 2 consolidated domains
      >>is accepted, and the mail to addresses ending with domains in the generic
      >>table is rejected. Does anyone a way to overcome this? My scripting
      >>knowledge is not sufficient to take the generic table in account when
      >>creating a relay_recipient_table.
      >>With other words: Is it possible to accept mail / do the generic domain
      >>consolidation, and apply the releay_recipients_maps feature after that?
      >post concrete examples and you'll get concrete answers...
      >if your a map contains things like
      >foo@... bar@...
      >and you want to add "bar@..." then
      > grep -v "^#" $map| grep @ | awk '{print $2 " something"}'
      >will do. if you want to add both key and value, then
      > grep -v "^#" $map| grep @ | awk '{print $1 " got1"; print $2 " got2"}'
      >This assumes that you do not use addresses with spaces (such as "foo
      Sorry, if my explanation was not clear enough:
      Generic at the mailbub:
      @... @...
      @... @...
      @... @...
      @... @...
      and so on

      In the virtual table at our internal mailsystem:
      user1@... user1
      user2@... user2
      and so on.

      At the internal mailsystem I create a relay_recipients_map with the
      following script:
      #Whre to get to virtual table to convert
      #Name of the created recipients_table


      # script vars, do not change anything here

      # Sanity Checks:
      # Laterz, first get it working

      $AWK_BIN '!/#/ && /@/ {printf ("%s\tOK\n",$1)}' $VIRTUAL >



      echo " Done!"


      This is then copied to the mailhub.
      The now created relay_recipient_map has only mail addresses of the
      consolidated maildomains.

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