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204616Re: IMAP Server

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  • Ranjith Kumar
    Sep 1, 2006
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      Thanks Mouss, Its working . ....

      On 9/2/06, mouss <usebsd@...> wrote:
      Ranjith Kumar wrote:
      > Hi,
      > Now I'm using RHEL 3. My users are accessing mails using IMAP. My IMAP
      > server runs as a xinetd service(imap-2002d-9). Now I have installed a new
      > server with RHEL 4. The built in IMAP server in RHEL 4 is Cyrus IMAP. I
      > tried installing imap-2002d-9 on the new server, but I couldn't succeded.
      > Is there any new version to my previous IMAP server (based xinetd), which
      > can work without any problem on RHEL4.

      a common choice now is courier or dovecot. you can still try to get your
      old servers ported, but you'll feel orphaned sooner or later. cyrus is
      harder to adopt than courier and dovecot.

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