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204580Re: To all of You who use: reject_non_fqdn_hostname and reject_unknown_hostname

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  • Sandy Drobic
    Sep 1, 2006
      Tony Earnshaw wrote:
      > fr den 01.09.2006 Klokka 10:19 (+0200) skreiv o2 - Marcin Wasilewski:
      > [...]
      >> Actually I use:
      >> smtpd_helo_restrictions =
      >> permit_mynetworks
      >> check_helo_access hash:/etc/postfix/db/helo_access
      >> reject_invalid_hostname
      >> and I would like to enable
      >> reject_non_fqdn_hostname
      > Do that, but use a whitelist for genuine maverick non-fq clients (idiot
      > Windows and non-savvy Unix mailadmins). Keep a good eye on what's being
      > rejected (logs or Mail Delivery System mail to postmaster).
      >> reject_unknown_hostname
      > Don't do that in any event. Too much genuine mail will be lost.
      >> but I wonder how many false-positives it gives..
      > Both give false positives, but reject_unknown_hostname gives far and
      > away most.

      Good advice here. You could to have a look at your own previous logs and
      write a little script to grep for accepted mails, the client-name and if
      the mail was spam or not.
      That would tell you for your exact situation how many false positives you
      would have to endure.
      From my own experience I can tell you that the size of the company will
      not mean the mail system was set up in a sensible way.

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