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204577Re: Forwards with MySQL

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  • Kai Fürstenberg
    Sep 1, 2006
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      Alvaro Marín wrote:
      > Kai Fürstenberg wrote:
      > Hello,
      >> You need to specify the correct Mail-Server. gmail.com is no server,
      >> it's a domain.
      > I supposed that the field value is managed like a normal transport
      > table...it would have to resolve the MX record of "gmail.com".
      >> See above. Your postfix is unable to establish a connection to the
      >> server gmail.com.
      > No transport queries are done for that domain, only for bounce.
      >> And.. Sorry, but that doesn't make any sense to me. Why do you want
      >> gmail.com to be a virtual domain for your system, when mail to this
      >> domain is going to be sent to a different server (gmail)?
      > Gmail is only an example. It is to prevent that one external domain can
      > be added in the virtual domains table, so all the mails for that domain
      > would be bounced.
      Then I have a suggestion. Extend your domains table by an additional
      column "active" (Boolean). Then add an additional where clause to your
      WHERE active=1. Set active state of gmail to 0, the others to 1.
      This will prevent the addition of gmail com to your virtual domains and
      postfix does not recognise this as virtual domain, because of active
      state 0.
      This will also solve the transport problem.

      But why don't you just secure your database, that no one else has access
      to it? Then just leave away gmail.com. That would be much easier.

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